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Last updated: 2018.06.11

Combines both Patreon and Liberapay funding. (Liberapay's weekly total is quadrupled to make a projected monthly total and then converted into USD and rounded down).

page with a pencil Public sketch and process images

All the sketches, notes and discarded emoji designs for every release will be published on the blog for everyone to enjoy.

CRT displaying a static blue screen Montly livestream

I'll do a public livestreaming session every month where you can watch me work on some emoji! (And they will be available as videos so you can watch them later if you missed them.)

The timings of these will shift each time I do them, so I'll announce when I do them closer to each livestream date.

CRT displaying green lines Fortnightly livestream

I'll double the livestreams to twice a month!

magnifying glass tilted to the right Detailed process explanations

I'll make a detailed blog post each month where I explain the design process of a particular emoji (or group of emoji) that I have previously made. They will be posted in the same blog as the sketches and notes and will be done in a heavily visual way with a slick style like the emoji themselves.

Donors in Patreon's Emoji Cabal or higher tiers will be able to vote on what I cover.

technologist with green skin Web tools

This is where Mutant Standard can be a full-time job for me. And my tech partner kiilas can up the ante with technical resources.

This will be the research, development and maintenance of dedicated web tools to help get Mutant Standard into your sites, such as shortcode parsers, Unicode emoji translation and GUI emoji pickers.

crystal ball ???

There are even more ideas for the future, like a Mutant Standard keyboard for phones, but I'll wait until we get close to this point to reveal more goals.