Because of Mutant Standard's unique features, there are a variety of inconsistencies with standard emoji sets, and that includes codepoint encoding.

This page details how Mutant Standard emoji are encoded as Unicode codepoints. Keep in mind that Unicode codepoint encoding (the method by which emoji are given numbers) and the Unicode Standard (Unicode's standardised mapping for emoji into codepoints) are two different things.

Unicode Standard

For any Unicode Standard emoji, Mutant Standard will be following Unicode-assigned codepoints, but there are exceptions, which are listed as follows.

Shifted meanings

For certain social or political reasons, emoji can be shifted in meaning, but still use the original encoding:

Missing emoji

Some emoji may appear to be compatible wiith Unicode, but are in fact not, these are:

These emoji are encoded by other means not in the Unicode Standard.

Non-standard encodings

In some cases, Mutant Standard uses Unicode encoding for a symbol even when that symbol isn't an emoji encoding (but is some other encoding for this symbol) in Unicode Standard. This currently only exists for:

This is to improve compatibility between other sets that have binary gender emoji (because these symbols are used in their ZWJs so they will be visible if converted to Mutant Standard) and to enable binary gender people to express their gender identity within Mutant Standard.

Other Vendors

In some cases, other emoji set vendors have already created non-Unicode Standard encodings for the same emoji that Mutant Standard has, and where they exist, Mutant Standard will be using those.


Mutant Standard uses Emojidex's encodings for gender-neutral professions (except for construction_worker, detective and guard, which already have gender-neutral encodings in Unicode Standard). These encodings use a ZWJ of adult (U+1f9d1) plus an object/place (instead of man or woman plus an object/place).

Unique Encodings

Many emoji that Mutant Standard has made have not been previously encoded by anyone else, and so Mutant Standard will encode them by itself.

These encodings will be in Unicode's Private Use Area (PUA). The starting point has already been decided, which is the 22nd block of the Supplementary Private Use Area B - U+1016xx, and it will continue into the next consecutive blocks if necessary.

This starting point has been chosen intentionally to avoid conlang script encoding projects and other significant PUA encoding projects.